Our Curriculum

Emphasis on Skill Development

The curriculum emphasizes the development of programming skills, critical thinking, collaboration, and problem-solving abilities across all age groups. Each project is designed to progressively build upon foundational knowledge and introduce new concepts, fostering a holistic approach to STEM education and preparing students for future challenges in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Integration of Robotics Platforms

The curriculum integrates various robotics platforms, including Makeblocks, LittleBits, LEGO Mindstorms, Raspberry Pi, and Arduino, to provide diverse hands-on learning experiences and promote creativity. Students gain exposure to different technologies, allowing them to explore their interests and develop proficiency in multiple platforms.

Learning Objectives

The learning objectives for each project are aligned with educational standards and 21st-century skill requirements, ensuring that students acquire relevant knowledge and competencies. Objectives are designed to be measurable and attainable, reflecting the specific outcomes and skills targeted in each project.


At CodeMindsAfrica, we adopt a comprehensive "train the trainers" approach to empower schools and educators in delivering high-quality robotics and coding education to students. Our methodology encompasses the following key components:

Teacher Training and Support

We provide intensive training sessions for designated resource personnel at partner schools, equipping them with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively facilitate robotics and coding lessons.

Student Engagement and Learning

Students are provided with individual online accounts on our LMS, where they can access learning materials, submit assignments, and participate in quizzes


Partner schools have access to practical kits for project implementation, provided by CodeMindsAfrica.

International Competitions and Recognition

We prepare students for international competitions, giving them the opportunity to showcase their skills and compete against counterparts from around the world

Flexible Training Plans and Extra-curricular Programs

Schools are encouraged to incorporate robotics and coding education as an extra-curricular program, enriching their curriculum and providing students with valuable opportunities for exploration and innovation